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Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters clear of leaves and other debris is important because clogged gutters can allow rainwater to seep into your home and cause serious damage. Let Specialty Gutter Solutions handle the dirty work of routine gutter cleaning to ensure that your gutters and downspouts can do their jobs properly.

Gutter Repairs

Broken or poorly-maintained gutters can also leave your home vulnerable to water seepage. Whether your downspouts and gutters have been damaged or just been affected by normal wear and tear, you need reliable gutter repair service from Specialty Gutter Solutions to get them back in good working order.

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Leaf Filtering Screens

Leaf filter screens from Specialty Gutter Solutions are an inexpensive way to prevent a major source of debris from entering your home's gutters and downspouts. These screens are lightweight and fit over the top of your gutters, making installation a snap for our team.

Gutter Removal

When your home's gutters and downspouts are heavily damaged or out of date, sometimes the best solution is to remove them and install a new and improved rainwater removal system. Specialty Gutter Solutions will find the safest and most sensible way to handle your gutter removal job to keep your home safe.

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K-Style Gutters

K-Style gutters and downspouts are popular with many homeowners because they're cost-effective, work well, and look nice. They're also more durable and damage-resistant than older types of rain gutters, which adds to their appeal. Specialty Gutter Solutions in Hammond installs K-Style gutters in a variety of sizes and materials to fit any homeowner's needs.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-Round gutters are naturally seamless and resist blockage or corrosion, even if they take a bit more time to install. If these semicircular gutters would be a good fit for your home's classic styling, call Specialty Gutter Solutions in Hammond to select the half-round gutters and downspouts that are right for you.

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Commercial Gutters

Box-Style gutters are a good fit for commercial and industrial buildings because they're sturdy and are made to handle a much larger volume of rainwater than most home rain gutters. Box-Style gutters come in sizes as large as 10" in diameter, as well as in a variety of metals.

Radius Gutters

Homes with turrets, cupolas, or other unique architectural features require specially fitted gutters and downspouts that fit snugly to any curves. Radius gutters are made to complete your home's K-Style, Half-Round or Box-Style gutter system in areas where traditional angled gutters and downspouts cannot be installed.

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Vinyl Soffit

Installing gutters on homes with vinyl siding comes with its own set of considerations. Specialty Gutter Solutions can help you select gutters and downspouts that are the right size and weight to protect your home from rainwater, and will install them securely without putting unnecessary stress on your home's exterior.

Fascia Metal

Attaching new gutters to existing metal fascia can be a tricky business, but the pros at Specialty Gutter Solutions will treat your residential or commercial gutter installation with the care and expertise it deserves. SGS will ensure that your gutters and downspouts are properly secured and built to last.

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Custom Gutters

SGS in Hammond can help to design and install the best custom rain gutters and downspouts for your home or business. We provide a large selection of sizes, styles, and materials for residential and commercial gutter installations, and we pledge to get the job done quickly and dependably. Our team is also here to help with maintenance and repair services when you need us.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters require a bigger upfront investment, but homeowners who choose copper receive some of the strongest, sturdiest gutters and downspouts available. Copper also has a lot of aesthetic appeal, as even weathered copper will develop a patina that lends elegance to your home's exterior. The tradeoff is that copper gutters are heavier, pricier, and require careful installation and maintenance from professionals like the team at SGS.

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